IDA is private independent healthcare practice providing care of patients with complex infectious diseases.

Patients are referred from Nebraska, western Iowa, northwestern Missouri,and South Dakota.

Hospitalized patients are seen at Nebraska Methodist, Methodist Womens', Bergan Mercy, and Select Specialty Hospitals. Patients are also seen in our office clinic and infusion center.

Healthcare is provided by physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. 

IDA participates in all health insurance plans that Methodist Hospital participates in, as well as many others.  See the complete list.

IDA healthcare providers are recognized for academic and clinical excellence.

Each of our healthcare providers graduated at or near the top of their academic class with honors for achievements and skills. University of Nebraska Medical Center regularly assigns students to spend a month of training with them.

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants -- being Advanced Practice Clinicians -- enable the practice of responsible healthcare economics while maintaining high quality patient care.

Dr. Penn's focus is primarily on complex critical patient care and decision making. He is able to maintain this focus with the help of physician assistants and nurse practitioners.  These healthcare providers are correctly referred to as "Advanced Practice Clinicians" or "AP Clinicians." 

In our hospital practice, AP Clinicians assist Dr. Penn in managing patients, monitoring patient progress and for adverse drug events. They coordinate with the hospital's care managers.

In our office practice, AP Clinicians see patients in our infusion center and office clinic. Our more experienced AP Clinicians follow patients with certain chronic diseases such as Hepatitis C. They often see hospital patients after discharge, making sure they are doing well and continuing to progress.

Dr. Penn is in close contact with the AP Clinicians throughout the day, as they quickly alert him to any adverse patient events. Communication among the group and the office is ongoing. To enable this each carries a smart phone with computer functionality, as well as a small computer.

Advanced Practice Clinicians undergo extensive training: more than an RN, less than an MD. For more about Advanced Practice Clinicians, click here.