Our "office-based" infusion center enables the practice of responsible healthcare economics while maintaining high quality care.

In the past, patients needing antibiotic infusion therapy stayed in the hospital for the several weeks needed to complete therapy.

An alternative practice was developed to send patients home with their infusion antibiotics and have a family member or home health nurse assist them with infusions at home. Unfortunately, compliance issues and the lack of a controlled environment create problems for the home alternative. Because outcome is often not optimal, many of these patients continue to have costly health problems and may even need to be readmitted to the hospital. In the long run, the home infusion alternative often ends up costing more.

Outpatient infusion centers developed as a response to these concerns. However, not all outpatient infusion centers provide the same levels of care. Our infusion center provides a high quality of care, and because it is "office-based," we are able to provide this at a price significantly below other infusion centers.

 What Makes Us Different:

Open 7 days a week, every day of the year. Therapy is best not compromised even one day.

Same day referrals help avoid hospitalization
especially for severe cellulitis and MRSA.

Healthcare Provider on site. In rare circumstances, severe reactions can occur. A Healthcare Provider can manage these.

Competitive pricing.
Costs are reviewed with you up-front in writing. You know exactly what to expect.

Lab work and wound care, if needed, are done during your infusion.

We work with your insurance company.
We complete your precertification.

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Medicare beneficiaries, note:

Medicare does not cover home infusion therapy. It does cover in-office infusion therapy, such as ours. Learn more.