Dr. Penn honored with two Meaning of Care Awards from Methodist Hospital Foundation (07.24.13)

Dr. Robert Penn was honored this year in receiving two Meaning of Care awards from the Methodist Hospital Foundation. Patients may nominate Methodist Hospital physicians and other hospital staff by donating to the Foundation in the name of the physician or staff member.

Here is what one patient's family had to say when they nominated Dr. Penn for the award this summer:

"We believe this award was designed especially for Dr. Penn.  Dr. Penn understands the true meaning of care.  By listening to stories, holding a hand, thinking creatively, and making his patients and families feel important, Dr. Penn shares the gift of his care with many, including D....  

We are eternally grateful to Dr. Penn for all that he has done.  Our respect and love -- Tami and Genelle"

Here is what another patient said when she nominated Dr. Penn for the award given earlier this spring:

"I am writing this letter to acknowledge a very special physician.  In August of 2012 I was admitted to Methodist Hospital, at which time I entered a world that I had only seen from outside during my time on this earth.  I had never been in an emergency room, a hospital, had an IV line, or even a suture in my lifetime.  In an answer to prayer, God put three very gifted physicians in my life.  One of them was Dr. Robert Penn.  God knew exactly what He was doing when he brought Dr. Penn to my aid and I would like to recognize him today via this letter.

Dr. Penn is truly a "once in a lifetime" icon in our medical community.  He is a walking Cray computer with the bedside manner of Mother Theresa.  Dr. Penn and his hospital team of professonals exhibited unprecedented concern for me during the time in which I was under his care.  His ability to diagnose, problem solve, and successfully treat infectious diseases is unsurpassed.  He is truly a highly intelligent and scientific detective.

Aside from his medical knowledge, I also appreciated his open and honest communication style -- especially his sincere desire to listen to my concerns.  When I was battling the side effects from multiple antibiotics during my 30 days of home health IV therapy, he was always available to take a call from me or my husband when we needed to talk to him.  It didn't matter if it was 11:00 in the morning or 11:00 at night; we knew that he was there for us.  I had great confidence in his medical decisions and am thankful Dr. Buda had the insight to seek his assistance in managing my case.  Omaha is blessed to have a physician like Dr. Penn in our medical community."